RosterPress Beta launched

By : Jeff Rose | In : Wordpress


My most ambitious plugin to date was supposed to be a few hours, but turned into over a month of part time coding!

RosterPress is a WordPress plugin to help manage talent/model/sport agent websites and more.

Featuring custom talent profiles, an appointment calendar and notifications, RosterPress lets anyone who manages people quickly and easily build a website presence.

Fully customizable profiles let you display physical characteristics for models, actors & similar talent, or simply use the personal contact section for internal use.

The appointment calendar is a simple and slick drag-and-drop system letting you move appointments around with easy, see who’s attached and any other details with a simple click.

Hook all that up to email and optional SMS notifications, and RosterPress really is a business-in-a-box.

The plugin is currently in beta trials with a limited number of copies available for testing. Check it out over at

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Your Rosterpress plugin looks great, do you have a release date?